Car Battery Charger Louisville KY NAPA

Check out our new battery charger from NAPA.

Battery ChargerAs a business focused on selling used cars we couldn’t get by without a 12V battery charger. Our buy here pay here Louisville KY dealership would suffer badly if this one tool weren’t here to save us.

One of the things with our dealership is that we like to throw the doors, trunks and hoods open here on Dixie Hwy and let it rip. Customers can just walk up and look in without having to have a sales rep “fetch the key”. Because of that we usually have an issue with one not wanting to start from time to time due to the interior lights draining the batteries on us.

We also keep up a boost box handy, this is great for when we leave the dealership to pick up cars. It seems like there’s always one that needs a jump, and without the box we’d be stuck.